How Ghana’s Maker-Movement is driving young innovators

Last week, pan-African journalist Lee Kasumba stopped by Kumasi Hive for an interview with Jorge Appiah. 


What started out as a community of makers, innovators and entrepreneurs has quickly grown into the biggest Maker Movement in Ghana.

Heading this movement is Kumasi Hive – a tech innovation hub that supports entrepreneurs in the process of rapidly prototyping their ideas, developing product solutions for critical challenges and, providing support.

One of the challenge faced by 2% of Ghana’s high schools – was access to laboratories and the various resources required for practicing science.

To address this particular challenge, one of the start-ups in Kumasi Hive’s network has developed an innovative product called the Science Lab in a Box – which is a low-cost mobile lab for students. […]


Read the whole story at and watch Lee’s full interview with Jorge Appiah:

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