Open and inclusive healthcare for Citizens based on digital fabrication

Bottom-up digital social innovations are on the rise, including in healthcare. Access to the Internet, open source information and digital tools empower citizens, including patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals, to improve the self-management of their disease or to develop aids that support them in coping with daily hindrances of physical limitations. A growing number of grassroots solutions saw the light of day: from open source hand prosthetics, 3D printed writing tools to support kids with physical limitations, to add-ons for wheelchairs, and everything in between. However, these initiatives are still scattered.

CAREABLES facilitates co-design of open healthcare for people with physical limitations. People’s needs regarding their physical limitations are personal, subjective and diversified. To customize health care solutions, a process of personalization is needed, which cannot be provided through the prevailing industrial focus of ‘one size fits all’. Therefore, CAREABLES aims to build an ecosystem, linking existing local communities of citizens with disabilities and their families, healthcare professionals and makers and establish collaboration between these separate communities to develop their own open-source and license interventions.

By providing access to open source and digital fabrication tools we enable citizens with disabilities and healthcare professionals to co-produce solutionsproducts that are tailored to their special needs or disabilities, bypassing the limitations of the classical industrial production. Through open exchange of knowledge, case stories and manuals we foster an emerging ecosystem. Standards and guidelines will allow anyone to replicate formats everywhere, considering the socio-technical aspects as well as relevant legal and regulatory frameworks, quality standards, intellectual property rightsIPR implications, security, safety and privacy issues.

The long-term goal is to affiliate a community of designers, users, fablabs and maker spaces who develop similar projects and replicate events and activities in various cities all around Europe or even globally. This process will produce a critical mass of projects that can be used and build upon: a knowledge-sharing platform that aims to achieve mass adoption and global impact.

The CAREABLES Consortium:


The project started in January 2018. If you want to get updates about our work please send a short email to sandra{}globalinnovationgathering{}org

This project is funded by the European Union under the grant agreement 780298 of the Horizon 2020 programme.